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Fat Graft

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is a surgical technique in which excess fat is taken from one area of the body and transferred to another area to add volume, fill in wrinkles, or restore soft tissue contours. This procedure can be performed using local anesthesia and typically results in a natural-looking outcome.

How is a fat grafting procedure performed?

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, although general anesthesia may be used in some cases. Here is the general outline of the procedure:

1.     Harvesting of fat: Fat is removed from an area of the body where there is excess fat using liposuction.

2.     Processing of fat: The harvested fat is processed to remove any excess fluid and debris.

3.     Injection of fat: The processed fat is then injected into the area where it is needed using a small needle or cannula.

4.     Sculpting: The injected fat is then carefully molded and sculpted to achieve the desired shape.

The procedure typically takes several hours, and patients are usually able to return home the same day. The results of fat grafting are often visible within several weeks, but it may take several months for the final result to be seen.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

  • Provides longer-lasting results than dermal fillers

  • Helps correct sunken, hollow-looking contours

  • Refines the appearance of scars and depressions

  • Rejuvenates the complexion

  • Can augment the breasts and buttocks naturally

  • Boosts volume in the lips

  • Safe with no allergic reaction


From the feng shui perspective

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, a full and rounded face is considered a symbol of prosperity, health, and happiness. It is believed that having a volumized face can attract positive energy, while a thin or gaunt face can suggest illness, poverty, or negativity. Hence, a volumized face is seen as desirable and good for Feng Shui. However, it's important to note that these beliefs are culturally specific and may not be universally applicable.

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Alexa Young, Product Manager

ReduceFat Graft Treatment | No 1.Trusted Aesthetic Clinic | Klinik Mediskin
ReduceFat Graft Treatment | No 1.Trusted Aesthetic Clinic | Klinik Mediskin
ReduceFat Graft Treatment | No 1.Trusted Aesthetic Clinic | Klinik Mediskin

Janet Chong Testimony

"I had always been self-conscious about my sunken cheeks and lack of definition in my face. I had tried various fillers in the past but was never completely satisfied with the results. But after having a face fat grafting procedure, I am blown away by the natural and subtle fullness it has added to my face. It looks so natural and has given me a much more youthful appearance. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their facial features."

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