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Beauty intravenous (IV) therapy is a type of medical treatment that involves the administration of high doses of multi vitamins directly into the bloodstream through an IV. The idea behind this therapy is that the high doses of multi vitamins can help to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health and wellness. It’s also highly effective in balancing and brightening the skin tone.


Multi vitamins are antioxidant that is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables and is essential for good health. While multi vitamins can be obtained from dietary sources, proponents of IV multi vitamins are therapy believe that the high doses used in this treatment are not achievable through diet alone and that the direct administration of multi vitamins into the bloodstream provides a more potent and effective form of treatment.


It is important to note that while high doses of multi vitamins are generally considered safe. As with any medical treatment, patients should speak with their doctor to determine if IV multi vitamins therapy is appropriate for them.

Beauty IV Therapy

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  • Beauty IV therapy highly effective in balancing and brightening the skin tone. It’s also strengthen your joints, hair, and nails with this drip.

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