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Result speaks louder than words


"My name is Jimmy Liew and I am a host. My job requires me to pay close attention to my appearance. Unfortunately, as time went by, my face began to sag and lose its brightness, and wrinkles started to appear on my face.

Until I met Dr. Chang, who advised me to improve my appearance through fat grafting treatment with stem cell transplantation. After the treatment, I saw miracles happen: my under-eye dark circles disappeared and wrinkles were significantly reduced. I feel a lot younger now and more confident. Thanks to that, I managed to attract more business opportunities as a host.

I have high expectations for adipose stem cell transplantation. Personally, I believe that stem cell transplantation is a miraculous therapy to restore youth."

"My name is Madam Ng and I am a mother of four. Both of my daughters are pharmacists and my son is a doctor. I used to enjoy dancing, but I developed osteoarthritis a few years ago, which caused problems with walking and made me rely on a trolley when doing my shopping.

In December 2018, I started treating my leg with PRP+HA, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma plus Hyaluronic Acid. After four sessions of treatment, I saw little improvement. My attending orthopedic surgeon then referred me to Dr. Edwin Chang, who is an expert in regenerative medicine. Without hesitation, I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Chang.

During the meeting, Dr. Edwin Chang patiently explained the effectiveness of treating osteoarthritis with self-derived stem cells, and I did some research online too. After that, I decided to go for the treatment.

Two weeks after the treatment, I started feeling some improvements. I felt less pain in my knee, and I realized that the recovery takes time. My knee was getting better day by day. What amazed me was that two months later, I could do my shopping without using a trolley, and I can even dance now. Honestly speaking, I am so happy; I feel like I have regained hope in my life. I would recommend those who are suffering from the same disease as me to see Dr. Edwin Chang. Truly, he can help. To me, Adipose Stem Cell treatment is safe and effective."

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